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On the second competition day, Saturday 24th, we offer team relay!

Rules of team relay


Three size classes:
Small (20 cm)
Medium (35 cm)
Large (50 cm)


The teams includes 3 dogs and the course consists of three parts with about 12-15 obstacles each. The team chooses which dog runs which part.

Refusal: will not be judged if corrected

Faults: + 2 seconds

Disqualification: + 10 seconds. Disqualification must be corrected before you continue in the course. If disqualification is not corrected it will result in the whole team being disqualified.

Start before signal: disqualification

The time will be measured from the first dog jumping the first obstacle to the last dog jumping the last obstacle. The first dog will start after whistle. The judge will whistle when the running dog passes the finish line and this will be the starting signal for the next dog. 

The course will be published on the Facebook-page during the coursebuilding. 


The team relay are an unofficial class and besides above rules the team relay will follow the Swedish agility regulations.

Register here (coming soon)

Do you want to run teams but haven't found your team members yet? No problem, we will try to find a team for you!
Just fill in this form (coming soon)

Example teamrun from Norwegian Open (link)

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