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Luleå Open finals will be held on Sunday 27th. 


Qualification to final

Open jumping class on Friday and Open agility on Saturday. 

Friday and Saturday's official class 2 and class 3 runs, both agility and jumping. 


Extra Large, Large and Medium

Class 2: winners

Class 3: winners and vice winners

Open classes: winners, vice winners and third places



Class 2: winners

Class 3: winners 

Open classes: winners and vice winners


Extra Small

Class 2: winners

Class 3: winners

Open classes: winners


If some dogs will be qualified twice for final, spots will move to next in the result, prioritizing open classes. There will be a limitation in how far the spots will transfer.


Finals will be held in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Qualified dogs from Extra Small will run as a part of Small final, on Extra Small-height.

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